Behind The Camera

Barry Gaines

Director, Writer, Producer & Editor

Being born and raised in Queens, New York, I began filmmaking at the age of 10 and have not stopped since. I've worked for Warner Bros. and Virgin Records as a publicist in New York for a several years but kept filming small projects on the side. Recently, I moved to Sarasota, Florida and was impressed with all the talent the city had to offer. So I decided to employ my many talents and create an ambitious mythology with the goal of exploring my new world for many years to come with the assistance of great local talent along with supporting businesses.

Music Composer

As a graduate of The Berkeley College of Music, he brought a great debut composition to set the tone for the series. For more information CLICK HERE.

Michael Vignola

(Multi-award winner)

Music Composer - Season One

Brings a rare musical talent that lifts the emotional fabric of the series. For further information CLICK HERE.

Music Composer - Season Two

He brings you that alluring broad orchestral muscle that lifts each scene to new heights. For further information CLICK HERE.

Visual Effects Supervisor

He brings a high visual standard that is rarely seen. His credits include being a visual artist for Hollywood films such as 2012's Total Recall and John Carter. Bringing magic to the screen is a goal he succeeds with every needed take. 

Faith Rios

Make-up Artist - Season Two

She bring an incredible depth and nuance to each character's creation while lifting the bar to a new level for the series.

Nicole Johnson

Make-up Artist - Season One & Season Two

She brings a progressive imagination to the look and physicality of the characters.

Kristin Lee Kittel

1st AD/Script Supervisor

Assist with the emotional fabric of the story while providing scheduling, logistics and on-set crew maintenance.

Randy Hodo

Safety Manager

Being in law enforcement for over 30 years, he manages safety programs, training and travel procedures to help the production reach its goals safely and securely. 

Theodore Burt

Prop-Master/Boom operator

Custom designing all props including selective wearable gear and capturing all on-set sounds including dialogue.

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