Cast & Characters

Robert Rios

Eric Wilson/Zahyian Crehin

"A mild mannered business analyst encounters a mysterious woman who takes him on a journey of self-realization and adventure."

Daphnee Avril Bless

Commander Sofia Hayden

"To save her planet from the warlock Sil, she must believe in a prophecy that binds her between two worlds. With limited time and few good soldiers, she finds herself immersed in the past while trying to save her future."

Daniel Pelissier


"An evil and powerful warlock fixed on resurrecting the most powerful warlock that ever lived to help him take over both Earth and his planet."

Maria LaVee


"Leader of a mercenary cult named The Quensentians and Sil's concubine along side Cayla Korvesian. She is known to most as The Painted Guard and wheels two large hand blades to take down anything she desires."

Constance Payne

Cayla Korvesian

"Sil's concubine and the commander of his army. In many circles she's known as "The Daughter of Demons", for her brutality. Being a highly skilled warrior and a blood drinking sociopath,she wants nothing more than to eliminate Sofia and the resistance.""

Zachary Vazquez

Tenan Fy

"Sofia's second in command. A skilled warrior with a unique fighting style who wants nothing more than to see Sil's head on a plate for murdering his family."

Deziree RosBeck

Chip (Mia Bello)

Known as "The Queen of Thieves", she fights along the side of Sofia and her mission. She wants nothing more than to see Sil elminated and her planet back to the way it was."

Derek Wolf

Orin TiRosch

"A common villager sent on a mission by Cayla Korvesian that lends him into becoming his true self."

Clinton Bailiff

Played Orin TiRosch in Season One.

Grace Vitale

Played Cayla Korvesian in Season One.

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